Holy Week Mass Schedule - 2019


Palm Sunday (April 14)

                  11:00 AM    Palm Sunday Liturgy

       Blessing of Palms (Provincialate Chapel)

       Procession to Main Chapel

       Mass with Gospel of the Passion

Holy Thursday (April 18)

                    7:30 PM    Mass of the Lordís Supper

       Reception of the holy oils (just prior to Mass)

       Mass (with washing of feet)

       Transfer of Blessed Sacrament to altar of repose

Good Friday (April 19)

                    2:00 PM    Celebration of the Passion of the Lord

       Liturgy of the Word

       Veneration of the Cross

       Holy Communion

Holy Saturday (April 20)

                    9:00 PM    The Easter Vigil

       Light Service

       Liturgy of the Word

       Baptismal Service

       Mass of Easter

Easter Sunday (April 21)

                  11:00 AM    Mass of Easter Sunday

       Mass with renewal of baptismal promises

       (Choir will sing before and during Mass)


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