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Meeting Room Charge includes Computer Projection System as listed below:

Computer Projection System *
Includes Cordless Keyboard and
Cordless Mouse with Laser Pointer
High Speed Internet Connection
3000 Lumen LCD Projector
Large 10’ X 10’ Screen
DVD Player
Wireless Microphones (4) (Lapel, podium and 2 hand mics)

Overhead Projector

Large Screen Television and VCR - No Charge
Small Screen Television with VCR (in cabinet) - No Charge
Radio and Stereo CD Player - No Charge

Flipchart with Pad - $20.00 each
White Board - No charge
Markers - No Charge

Writing Pens - $1.50 each
Yellow Tablets (pad) - $3.00 each

Conference Call Speaker Phone - $50.00

Wireless internet access in Conference
Center meeting room

* In house A/V equipment and technician

Capacity | Event & Food Service | Audio/Visual

Christian Brothers Retreat & Conference Center | 4401 Redwood Road, Napa CA 94558 | 707.252.3810